Question #1: A 64 year old man with Multiple System Atrophy suffers from postural hypotension. What is the most appropriate first-line drug therapy?

Question #2: A 56 year old man with poorly-controlled Type II Diabetes Mellitus presents with difficulty reading. On examining his eyes you notice that his right eye is deviated inferolaterally. You suspect a 3rd nerve palsy secondary to diabetes. When you test his pupillary reflexes, which of the following findings would be most consistent with a diagnosis of a diabetic 3rd nerve palsy?

Question #3: What is the mechanism of pyridostigmine?

Question #4: A 45 year old man presents to A&E after developing a severe, sudden-onset headache while bending down at work. He has a background of hypertension but nothing else. He describes the headache as the worst he has ever had. He said that it was worst when it started, and mainly affected the back of his head. On examination his GCS is 15/15 and he has no focal neurological signs. What is the most appropriate initial test?

Question #5: A 30 year old man presents with a 1 week history of weakness, which started in his feet and has now progressed to include both of his legs. On exam he has a flaccid paraparesis, absent knee and ankle jerks and equivocal plantars. What is the most appropriate monitoring?